Broken Faith Downs Lei Shen

The King is dead...until next week

Lei Shen Down

Broken Faith Clears Through Throne of Thunder

11 Down, 1 to go. Lets take this time to remember all the bosses who sacrificed themselves to give us loot.

Jin'rokh the Breaker and Horridon
Jin'Rokh the Breaker DownHorridon Down

Broken Faith Wins 1/3 of the Game

We don't like to post on our website, but when we do, we go all the way.

Heroic Will of the Emperor Down!

Heroic Will of the Emperor DOwn

Half of Heart of Fear Down!

More bugs dead. Why do they hate us?

Ta'yak Down
Ta'yak DownGaralon Down

We Have Exorcised the Ghosts, This Vault is Clear

Last 3 down. I'll let you guys figure out why we only have two pictures.

Elegon DownWill of the Emperor Down

P.S. Incense green haze is so not cool.


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